Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kick to start!

It has been a few days since my "so called" review, during which I let myself take a few days off before and after. I am conveniently extending my break until the end of this week. Call me lazy, YES call me LAZY! All that I want to do now is slouch around on my bed and brood over each and every thought that comes by in my head.

Very ironically most of my crazy thoughts occur to me in an effortless fleeting moment when I am close to sleep and when my mind is blank ( I am positively sure my mind is blank ). I guess in this state I tend to shut down the logical part of my brain and substitute it with a magic 8 ball ! With no criteria for selection and with the slightest hint of external stimuli, I rapidly argue with myself, conclude the subject and wait for the next crazy thought. Much like a powerful vacuum cleaner that swallows everything that is in its way.

On a hot day in Vellore ( the town from where the devil leaves with sunburns ), while waiting for my friend Abhiram at the canteen table with food laid out in front, I felt myself falling in this crazy trance again. When I am in it I know I am in it but I am so comfortable that I want to be in it! I don't remember what I was looking at but the first thing I noticed was a house fly. It was sitting on the rim on my friends juice mug ready to take a sip! In an instinctive motion I unleashed the "human fly swat attack" which the fly dodged easily. A couple of more failed attempts aaaaand...
first thought: The fly must be really good at computing trajectories and judging collisions. Assertion: The fly's brain must be quite adept at calculations and recognition, much more powerful in this respect than our first microprocessors.

second thought: But the fly must be dumb enough to miss the logic behind all the "fried" flies in the pest-o-flash tray because it zooms straight toward it!
Assertion: Its brain is fast but cannot process logical information.

Third thought: Maybe the fly thinks it is not one of the hundreds of others that lay burnt in the tray!
Assertion: The fly doesnt know its a fly!!

Then comes Abhiram to save my brain some effort. The guy is as crazy as I am! I just casually mention my new observations and he quips : " Flies have hundreds of eyes and their brains have to be powerful and quick enough to process all that information" - True! We then continue to compare a fly's brain to our early microprocessors, the details of which I should avoid for sanity's sake!


  1. The fly cannot compute trajectories because its brain can compute trajectories. It is because flies have been swatted for a billion years that their brain had to evovle to evade them by calculating trajectories. Keep the pest-o-flash around for a billion years and the flies' brain will evolve accordingly...again.

  2. Nice thought. So what you are saying is it is hardwired as an instinct from the experience over time.